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About Us


Often, when we were looking for really unique gifts, which conveyed deep appreciation and grace; and which would not fade out of memory too soon, we found ourselves wondering what product could match these qualities. As art and décor connoisseurs, we were always looking for beautiful items that could be appreciated not just for their style quotient; but also for the functional and creative thought as well as artisan efforts invested in creating such works. Crystal ware and glass decorative have always intrigued us, especially the European hand crafted mouth blown unique masterpieces, not the millions of cloned products made by machines. The artistic detailing as well as utility elements of these products is truly exceptional, including the uniqueness of features like the little bubbles and the difference in shape and size of each product (even in case of similar design pieces). We love them, and thought what better than to share our love for these products; and making them available as gift products for those looking for that exceptional stylish gift that creates an impression like none other.

So, however big or small an occasion, or an entity; a Gil’s Crystals gift is the ideal way to express heartfelt appreciation. Our beautifully packed premium gift boxes contain pairs as well as single pieces of gorgeous hand crafted crystal and glass items, ranging from fine cut wine and spirit glasses to exceptionally designed figurines and vases (clear and coloured), depending upon your style quotient and occasion. These products literally last a lifetime, and more. So, what better way to cast a truly long lasting impression?


Unlike some naturally available materials that can be used as is, glass is created by combining mixtures with heat. So, from its base to finished form, the creation of glassware tends to be quite complicated. Especially, mouth blown hand-made Glassware, which is art like none other. For centuries, European glassware captured the interest of art aficionadas across the world, who travelled the length and breadth of Europe looking for that perfect piece of art to adorn their luxurious tableware and decor. These were created by artisans, using skills developed over centuries of research, trials and unique design ideas. As against certain glassworks, which tend to be abstract, the Gil's Crystals’ collection comprises brilliant artistic impressions, with great attention to fiǹesse, creating the right blend of art and functionality. So, while the Spanish pink vase in our collection represents life’s romanticism; the exquisite Sakura flowered vase represents renewal and spring. We are very proud to be a South Australian (SA) company, seated in a wine, arts and architecturally rich region, being as much a geographical landmark as much as a cultural epitome. It is our endeavour to make these magnificent products accessible to Australian décor and glassware lovers and; to promote these beautiful artisan made products. Inspite of their unmatched artistry, it is our endeavour that these products are affordable so it is not beyond the reach of the lovely people who respect and appreciate such products and the creativity and labour invested to create them. We have both - traditional classìque as well as modern chìc, depending upon whether your style quotient is vintage or modernist. Our collection includes stemware, tumblers, decorative and exquisite gift items, all crafted by hand in fine crystal, crystalline, clear and coloured glass, with unmatched style, durability and sparkle. Enjoy these products and share them as Gifts, with or without occasion!